Hello! I’m Elizabeth Scott, State Representative, 39th Legislative District. It has been an honor to represent you in the State Legislature and be a voice for you in Olympia since January 2013.  I would be honored to serve you for two more years. The 39th LD is home to fiercely independent people, abundant farmland, lush forests, roaring rivers, and snow-capped mountains.  Our independent perspective and our resilient communities are now world-renowned as Oso Strong and Darrington “Git’er Done” attitudes inspire others to tackle seemingly impossible tasks with courage and determination.

In my first term in the legislature I was able to pass two bills into law and cosponsor many others that made it into law. I’ve kept my promise to focus on jobs, schools, and fiscal responsibility within the state Constitutional priorities of public safety, education, and caring for the vulnerable. I voted ‘Yes’ on bills for those priorities. If a bill was a threat to life, liberty, or property, or if it grew

the General Election will be November 4.





government, I voted 'No.’ Check out the “Issues” pages to read about bills I’ve passed, sponsored, or cosponsored, my committee work in Olympia, my platform, where I stand on hot topics, and my vision for a better future. I believe in open, accountable government and I look forward to hearing from you via phone or Facebook. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback. I respectfully ask for your vote again this August and November and I ask for your help in this campaign! Thank you.